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Ice Cream Uncle & Son


Ice Cream Uncle & Sonの概要

アプリタイトル Ice Cream Uncle & Son
パブリッシャー afzainizam zahari
料金 ¥250

Ice Cream Uncle & Sonの公式概要

**This is the full version with no ads and in-app purchase. Just one time purchase to enjoy the full experience of the game!"

If you've never eaten ice creamed wrapped in "rainbow bread" before, you're missing out! Ice Cream Uncle is one of the street food icons of Singapore but it is now a fading trend.

Keep the spirit of selling ice cream on the streets alive! Experience what it's like selling them on the streets of Singapore! Help out Ice Cream Uncle as he take his daily trip to heartlands of Singapore on his trusty motorcycle and put a smile on many happy customers!

You will get to serve many of the classic ice cream like Potong ice cream, sweetcorn ice cream on bread, wafer and in cups or cones. Make new waffles ice cream as Ice Cream Uncle tries to up his game and attract more customers!

You might also recognize some of the customers who comes to buy ice cream. Serve them well and serve them quick!
This is your very own ice cream cart business! Do your best to keep it going and help Ice Cream Uncle be the top Ice Cream Tycoon around!

Are you ready for the challenge? Let’s play all 60 episodes!

If you love being a manager and manage your own street food business this is the game for you! Manage your profits and build your ice cream business like a Tycoon! serve a whole lot of different kinds of ice cream and drinks, manage customers and manage your profits! As you progress through the game you will be an expert at management and speed will come naturally. It's all about strategy!

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Ice Cream Uncle & Sonの詳細情報

サイズ 50.8MB
カテゴリ ゲーム
互換性 iOS 8.0以降。iPhone、iPad、およびiPod touchに対応。
言語 英語
年齢制限 4+
料金詳細 ¥250



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– アイスクリームおじと息子


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– 修飾通通TapTapポーチ端ダウンロード
– アイスクリームおじと息子
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