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アプリタイトル Puzzazz Crossword & Puzzle
パブリッシャー Puzzazz, Inc.
料金 無料

Puzzazz Crossword & Puzzleの公式概要

Puzzazz’s ad-free bookstore has more FREE puzzles than ever, including new daily KenKen® and hand-crafted Sudoku puzzles. Solve the NYT Crossword¹ in the only app that presents the print edition faithfully—NYT editor Will Shortz says it’s the only app which is “able to handle almost any New York Times crossword trick.” Puzzazz’s award-winning TouchWrite™ handwriting recognition makes solving more fun, especially on small screens, the perfect icing for our unique, optimized user experience designed by puzzle lovers for puzzle lovers.

Puzzazz is “snazzy” (says the New York Times), “groundbreaking” (says WIRED), and “TouchWrite is an awesome technology” (says GeekWire). Reviewers think it is “fantastic,” the “best way to do the NYT,” and “Hands down the best crossword puzzle app.”

Browse our selection of more than a hundred ebooks of great hand-crafted puzzles of all types. Try the free puzzles in each ebook and then buy the rest if you like what you’ve solved. Puzzle ebook sales not only benefit our authors, but they allow us to keep the app free and ad-free with high-quality puzzles for everyone.

▶ We’ve got oodles of puzzles

Browse through thousands of puzzles by world-class authors–some of the best you’ll find anywhere—and solve hundreds of free puzzles. Try before you buy because every ebook starts with free puzzles!

From the NYT — Just enter your nytimes.com Crosswords subscription credentials to get started. Puzzles will download automatically each day when they are released.

From the web — Open puzzles directly from the web or email to solve in Puzzazz.

▶ The reviews are stellar

“The people at Puzzazz have been working hard on cultivating quality puzzles and developing TouchWrite, a groundbreaking new technology for doing puzzles on the screen.” —Wired

“Best APP Ever! The TouchWrite technology is perfect, especially when I use it on the phone.” —Jackleroy

“Fantastic puzzle app! Some things are actually better than solving on paper.” —Wendell O

“Best puzzle experience out there! The TouchWrite software alone puts Puzzazz way ahead of the field. I also love the selection of books—something to satisfy all types of puzzlers.” —puzzlefan1001

“Best way to do the NYT!” —derekallen7

“I specifically subscribed to NYT Premium crosswords because this app supports them.” —hightemp

▶ Our experience is optimized for you

Puzzazz is built with an eye toward how you solve puzzles, from our patent-pending TouchWrite handwriting recognition and Bluetooth keyboard support to on-screen keyboards designed specifically for different types of puzzles. Use your Apple Pencil or 3D Touch to quickly switch between “pen” and “pencil” input. If you’re left-handed or color blind, you’ll appreciate that we haven’t ignored you. Plus, Puzzazz supports Split View and Slide Over, allowing you to Google a clue (or watch a movie!) while solving a puzzle.

You can always see the complete puzzle, plus both Across and Down clues at the same time, no matter how you orient your device or which options you choose (like showing Answer Boxes). Puzzazz supports all of the tricks authors and editors like to use, like unusual grids or clues. You’ll appreciate automatic clue and cross-reference highlighting, easy rebus (multiple letter) entry, and the built-in hinting (with smart hinting for cryptics). Take notes on a clue or mark a cell. Time yourself if you want (you can compare your times on the puzzle leaderboards). Rate puzzles you solve and see how your ratings compare with others’.

Puzzazz’s powerful puzzle engine makes it the best app for all types of puzzles, many previously available only on paper, Puzzle types include crosswords, cryptic and variety crosswords, diagramless crosswords, acrostic, cryptogram, word, Sudoku, KenKen, logic, Mentagy, mystery puzzles, and many more. And check out the spectacular Year of Puzzles, Maze of Games, Cryptic All-Stars, and Variety Show.

¹ NYT Crossword subscription required

Puzzazz Crossword & Puzzleの詳細情報

サイズ 179.6MB
カテゴリ ゲーム
互換性 iOS 9.0以降。iPhone、iPad、およびiPod touchに対応。
年齢制限 4+
料金詳細 無料

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