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AtomicBox Arcade for Watch


AtomicBox Arcade for Watchの概要

アプリタイトル AtomicBox Arcade for Watch
パブリッシャー Juan Pedro Lozano
料金 ¥120

AtomicBox Arcade for Watchの公式概要

A tiny arcade/puzzle game for kill your time while you increase your quickness.

Atomic box bing the classic Pong like game with a brand new kind of gameplay to your Apple Watch.

Your main duty is to get charged atoms inside the box and release uncharged inside it by rotating the box with the digital crown.

But be careful, uncharged atoms may be charged anytime it contact with charged ones. Keep your focus and you will get scored easily, but as soon as you lose it, things will become bad really fast.

The app plays standalone on the Apple Watch or while paired with an iPhone for Game Center features.

• Minimalistic UI
• Smooth frame rate
• Responsive Analog Controls – turn the Digital Crown to rotate the box.
• Unique gameplay – easy unless you lost your focus
• Compete with friends for high scores with Game Center integration on Apple Watch.
• Plays standalone without iPhone.

AtomicBox Arcade for Watchの詳細情報

サイズ 31.4MB
カテゴリ ゲーム
互換性 iOS 10.0およびwatchOS 3.0以降が必要です。iPhone、iPad、およびiPod touchに対応。
言語 英語
年齢制限 4+
料金詳細 ¥120


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– ウォッチブログ用のプロキシハックModコードからのデバイスIphone AtomicBox Arcade


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時計の発行者でJuan Pedro Lozanoカジュアルジャンル14用のプロキシハックModコードAtomicBoxアーケードからのデバイスIphone

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